A-1 Ice Company, Inc.

Serving all of San Diego for 35 years! Specializing in packaged ice for liquor and grocery stores, restaurant call-ins, specialty event deliveries, corporate events, conventions, church events, and marinas. For all your WHOLESALE ice and dry ice needs in San Diego, California.

We deliver: 7 lb. Bags of Ice, 20 lb. Bags of Ice, and 10 lb. Block Ice

A-1 Ice Company, sales of ice in San DiegoExcellent direct store delivery service and pricing.

Authorized Distributor for Arctic Glacier Premium Ice.

Arctic Glacier Premium Ice is made with state-of-the-art ice making equipment at Arctic's manufacturing facilities using a modern reverse-osmosis purification process which ensures the highest quality packaged ice, setting the standards in taste and purity. Customers request and love this ice!

We also sell Sparkletts Premium Ice, which is made with Crystal-Fresh drinking water and is not only great tasting, but also easy to store and keep fresh.

A-1 Ice Company, Inc. offers dependable WHOLESALE ice delivery in San Diego 7 days a week, 365 days a year in modern refrigerated trucks. Small sales of ice needs to be picked up at your local Smart & Final Stores. We are not a retailer and do not offer dock sales.

General rule of thumb; the amount of ice needed for a party is approximately one pound per person over an average evening. (See our chart to the right)

If you are looking for small amounts of dry ice for your party or Halloween display, the best source would be your local Smart & Final stores.

Links to some information on dry ice.

Our sales are to San Diego, California Only! A good place to find one in your city or state would be at: BOTW Directory, or use DuckDuckGo Search.

For ice sales and delivery in San Diego, call A-1 Ice!

Ice sales and deliveries for wholesale, restaurants, and special events in San Diego
A-1 Ice delivers Sparkletts Premium ice deliveries in San Diego

Ice Cubes: Quantity Suggestions
Item TypeQuantityIce Needed
8 oz. Cups7540 lbs.
12 oz. Cups5040 lbs.
16 oz. Cups3840 lbs.
Canned Beverages249 lbs.
Keg172 lbs.

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